Down: My IT band is still messed up. I can run exactly 1 mile with zero pain and then get increased tightness until I have to stop at about 1.3 miles. This is EXTREMELY frustrating :-/ 
Up: I had absolutely zero pain while biking, sitting, and standing today, which is a big improvement! And all this form work and hip strengthening will pay off down the road.

Down: I had tons of anxiety at work this week about some scans that needed to be done. No one was getting back to me about specifics and I was stressing out about screwing something up.
Up: People eventually got back to me and the non-responses forced me out of my comfort zone to actually go chat with various hospital people, all of whom were amazingly friendly and helpful. I now know where CT is, where the break room is, have met 2 more CT technicians, know how to check specimens in at admissions, got to watch my specimens get scanned, learned about PPE and specimen thawing in the surgical skills lab, got to check out some frozen shoulders, and got to hang out alone in the cadaver lab with dozens of thawing legs and my shoulder specimens this eve all spooky like Dana Scully in her dimly lit x-files forensic pathology lab 😛 Super awesome, right?



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