Airport thoughts

Waiting in an airport, to get on a plane, to, God willing, see my MountainMan in 4 hours. I’m eating frozen yogurt for dinner because I have a sweet tooth and no one to tell me it’s a bad idea 😛 I packed papers to read but I need a little mindless iPhone tapping first…image

This week flew by apart from the 30 minutes spent in Denver traffic on my way here. I’ve actually been really busy at work and spent the last two days remembering how to Matlab. Now I have glorious histogram and scatter plots and some data that are less pretty than I had hoped but interesting nonetheless.


Oh, and probably the most exciting 30 minutes of my week so far was spent inside the MR scanner. We needed some pilot data so I got to play scannee and get a lovely picture of my knee. I discovered that jewelry is generally MR compatible but earrings may get tugged. Also, certain MR sequences with time or spatially-varying magnetic fields can induce nerve stimulation, which makes laying still extra challenging because it feels like ones muscles are just about to twitch… Lastly, I discovered that MR scan noises make a pretty awesome (and insanely loud) backbeat if you pick the right sequence and a decent rock song 😉


The IT band is coming along – 10 painless minutes yesterday and no lingering effects after cooling down. Very encouraging!


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