Aggravation with running advice

I barely resisted the urge to take off sprinting and never come back during running group yesterday. Luckily, the promise of post-run beer if I stuck with the group proved adequate motivation to stifle my irritation and hang with the group. Why did I want to run off into the surrounding sagebrush? Because the group leader had decided I needed some unsolicited form advice, attended by even less solicited shoulder poking (as a posture cue). 


Yes, my IT band is messed up (although vastly improved over the last couple weeks!) and yes, the group leader is a PT specializing in sports PT and gait analysis. If I’d asked for advice he would be extremely qualified to provide it. 

But he never asked if I wanted advice. He also didn’t ask if I minded being poked and prodded for form cues. And he’s probably at least the fifth male runner from a casual running group setting (i.e., not a coach) who’s offered me unsolicited advice about running while I’m trying to simply enjoy a run and NOT seeking advice. I grew up with a physical therapist parent, have a degree in exercise science, and I’ve been running competitively since junior high – I generally have at least a clue what I’m doing. And I get advice from people who aren’t always experts…or even veteran runners. Like some young guy who’d been running for a month and tried to explain lactate threshold workouts to me based on an article he read in Runner’sWorld. During a 400m repeat *sigh*. Funny how much quieter he got when I started pushing the pace…
These previous experiences probably contributed to my perhaps excessive irritability. However, the visions of delicious cold beer kept that irritation smothered under a forced smile and (hopefully convincing) cheerful inquiry about possibly delaying this *fun* little form session to a more appropriate setting, like an actual PT/gait analysis session instead of my one social run of the week. 
I’m a grumpy injury-recovering runner and I just want to run in peace dang it! 

*Also, is this a problem for guys or is this one of those ‘heroic dude explains the difficult concepts to the silly little lady’ things? I haven’t noticed as much guy-guy explainin’ so I have my suspicions…

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