Oof, Monday…

I was wondering why I was absolutely beat going into this week. I think I figured out why:

Made a bit of a training load jump! Plus circuits 2x and alllll the IT band PT.

Today I ‘only’ worked out for 60 minutes, 30 of which were my bike commute, so I had time to do some anatomy review after work. I’ve been trying to brush up since it’s been 4+ years since I took anatomy and I’m actually using musculoskeletal anatomy at work. The human body is overwhelmingly complex!


I journeyed to the dreaded grocery store (so overwhelming) and only now (10pm) got around to dinner. I’m sore and bleary-eyed and can’t wait to climb into bed!

 I have some cool preliminary results to show at our research meeting tomorrow and what feels like a hundred questions to get sorted out for my first major human-subjects MRI study that involves volunteers, a long scan protocol that isn’t entirely set yet, multiple surgical fellows, and pregnancy tests for female participants by request of our IRB (ahhhhh!). We’re supposed to start data collection in 2 weeks. I’m a little anxious 😬

Oh, and I also have a software training session with a very enthusiastic international research surgeon and RA (yayyyyy, teach all the Mimics) and a tempo ride (ugh) planned for tomorrow so some rest would be useful…


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