Runner problems

1) Tan lines and dressy clothes:

2) Happily doing strides and then realizing your current stride pace is your in-shape past self’s 5k pace :-/

3) Your legs are never as fabulously long as in your evening run shadow. Think what big strides you could take!

4) Too many gorgeous views and endorphins…oh wait those are runner perks 😛

5) Having to wait until you get home to  binge-watch Doctor Who. Definitely the worst and most common problem…

6) Dehydration. The altitude here means it is basically impossible to stay hydrated. Me with my water/Nuun/any liquid I can get my hands on after every run (while watching a certain show on Netflix):

7, etc) Plus all the stretching and rolling and desperate fight against injury. And the dreaded cross training… Good grief!

Luckily running happens to make up for all its trouble with the leg muscles, and the lovely runners’ high, and joy of scampering about outside like a hyper kid without getting (too many) funny looks 😉 I just might keep it up…

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