A few awesome things

  1. This VDOT calculator is my new favorite thing, mainly due to the altitude adjustment calculator. My rather disheartening up-tempo from yesterday was much less irritating after getting to chop off an entire minute! I know I shouldn’t worry about the times but it’s tough to have no reference for what various paces should feel like or equate to at 8500 feet, having done only slow easy runs since moving here.  

    Gorgeous view, low lactate threshold

  2. My boss told me I can take a day of during the week if doing Saturday data collection. I was nervous about asking so it’s nice to know he is cool with my regular ~40 hour weeks. That assuages some guilt/anxiety that I’m not working enough as well. Comparing my hours to the short term folks (Fellows, research interns) is tough because they are busting through projects, but I need to keep in mind that I’m here long-term and should pace myself more reasonably.
  3. Moab! A friend and I went camping there last weekend. The predicted temps of 100+ meant we had the entire place to ourselves, and then a storm blew in to hold the temps down in the 80’s instead. Quite pleasant…and absolutely gorgeous.       
  4. I still have snack food left and it’s 4pm. I may make it to 5pm without getting hangry!

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