Work, run, life

Work has been going well – getting more into the swing of things and gradually getting to know more folks throughout the labs/offices/clinics. I’m a bit harried with trying to get all the necessary information and scheduling for my first human volunteer study in place – we’re doing screening evaluations with 2 fellows (no free MRIs on your bum shoulders folks, sorry), lab tests that need to be administered pre-scan (IRB is requesting pregnancy tests pre-MRI, a bit inconvenient but better safe than sorry with the space research on pregnancy and MRI with otherwise healthy volunteers who don’t actually NEED the scans) and a long set of scan sequences so scheduling is going to be tricky. And I’m still waiting on paperwork from collaborators, with deadlines in early October looming on the other end 😬 This coming week’s participant recruitment really needs to go smoothly…


Efficient research aided by many mugs of coffee and chai!

On the training front I’ve been slacking a bit on the bike but have been doing very well on the running front. I’m in my third 20 mile week and have started adding some up-tempo work in my running as well as some bike speedwork. I’m focusing on steady, slightly up-tempo running workouts in order to avoid reinjury by pushing too much speed. In addition, I’ve been keeping the run segment of the workout to about 2 miles and then adding extra work on the bike as needed. This plan has been working well so far – the IT band exercises have made me more stable and I can feel this improvement especially while pushing the pace, but am also stopping before I get too tired to hold my stable, IT band-friendly form. Here’s hoping I can continue the workouts and perhaps gain enough strength to survive some XC races in the next few months!

today’s workout view

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