First Colorado race!

I just got home from my first race in Colorado – a not-quite-5k trail race at 10000 lung-busting feet of elevation. Also, it started with half a mile uphill. Followed shortly thereafter by another hill. And there was a near-deadly steep  climb in the middle. The finish was uphill too, of course. 


Pain. All the pain.

However, between periods of near hyperventilation, I was able to take in some spectacular scenery:

From the warmup/cooldown – my mid-race photography skills aren’t that good

I went out a tad too fast but managed to hang on (barely) for first woman. I got a bit lucky there, as the 10k run at the same time pulled most of the better women and my main competitors were thus jr high and high school girls. 


Big dip at 1.8 = trying not to barf/hyperventilate at the top of the steepest hill :-/

I won a hat and a gorgeous tech t-shirt from La Sportiva that claims to not ever get stinky. We’ll see about that πŸ˜‰ 


New hat!

Overall I’m really pleased with how my first Colorado race went – I was able to keep my mind in the race the entire time (tough for first races back) and am pleased to have won (prizes, woohoo!) even if my main competitors were a decade+ younger πŸ˜›



4 thoughts on “First Colorado race!

  1. I’ve only been running once in Colorado–a few years back for a family reunion. The Lady and I went out the first day for an “easy” 3…holy crap. We were “only” at 7000 feet and it still felt like a full-on tempo run at 9:30 pace. Even though your race was short (5Ks seem to have these problems) that’s still a phenomenal pace given the 2-mile elevation!

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ It’s been really interesting to watch my paces drastically slowing coming up from Salt Lake (5k feet) and then gradually speeding back up as I’ve been adjusting to the altitude. Still can’t run the same paces as at 5k feet of course, but it’s cool how much one’s body can adapt over a few months! So much more pleasant doing easy runs now than my first couple runs here ha ha.

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