Fridayyyyyyy and favorite run locales

My schedule was a little funky at work this week so I kept arriving exhaustingly early and then having to do a lot of sitting around while waiting on things, and having to hang out til my usual leaving time in spite of the early start while not really feeling good and busy – just a bit trapped and frustrated. 

I did a LOT of reading (and learned a ton!), but got burnt out on MR physics and research papers pretty early this afternoon. I was extremely ready to clock out and hit some exciting new running trails at 5pm.
I managed to find some non-forested single-track up here:

A bit smoky but lovely to get in some miles on the winding hillside tracks. Somehow runs on the trail go by sooooo much quicker than road runs – I’d meant to get in 3 tonight and easily went past the turnaround point without noticing and ended up doing a little over 4. Everything felt good and tomorrow is a bike day so I’m ok with going a bit over and really savoring my chance to run surrounded by sagebrush and hazy hills.

I fall for the semi-arid foothill steppe singletrack every time 😉

What’s you all’s favorite run setting to escape to after a tough week/day?


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