August training

Running: I’m feeling a bit mixed about August’s training. On the one hand, I’m annoyed to still be at the same point that I was at last summer as far as mileage, when I had really hoped to be back to normal running and hitting 30-40 mile weeks at this point*. However, when I look at this past month’s training from the context of having my gradual progression in mileage brutally squashed in January by that strange, lingering calf injury, the view is much more encouraging.


Grey = last 12 months, dashed line = start of 2015/calf injury

I’m only 13 miles down from where I was last August and am back up to regular 20 mile weeks from my feeble winter/spring mileage post-injury. I’m also back up to where I was in May prior to being hit with some IT band trouble. I may not be busting out any serious mileage but I’m improving from where I was at and have been able to start throwing in some workouts and races**.

I’m hoping that maintaining my hip strength exercises and core work (turns out core reminders with a friend to do core 3x/week work great!) will allow me to keep up a gradual progression and get back into the 30 mile/week range through the Fall.

Biking: I’ve been slacking and I’m not entirely sure why. I suppose I lost some bike mileage from actually being able to do workouts on foot rather than on the bike…and we’ve had a few rainy days on what would usually be longer ride days. I’m not overly concerned since I’m still riding consistently at least 3-4x per week and getting in some decent cross-training.

* One of my friends/former teammates is training for a 50k ultra right now and I am soooo jealous of her ability to do ALL THE RUNNING. On the other hand, another former teammate is currently stuck with no running due to a hamstring issue, so I’ll take what I can get. And I have gotten in more exploring lately…plus some different training fun on the bike.

** I did strain my other calf during a workout on Sunday (thankfully mild, muscle-belly rather than near tendon, already feeling pretty good) so am chilling out a bit on the workouts until that feels better.


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