Where did the beginning of September go?!?

Ahhhh, September is flying by! I’ve started my first human subjects study at my new job and that’s kept me ridiculously busy just with scheduling, paperwork, accompanying participants to exams and lab tests, and sitting around super helpfully while other people run the MRI scanner. I can now talk our admissions people through the weird research-participant-check-in process and have become almost competent at filling out a joint exam form without having to ask the examiner to pause between tests so that I can catch up. I’m on my second set of volunteers this week and I just spent an entire day and a half doing scheduling and chasing volunteers and surgical fellows around the building to try to get everyone in the same place at the same time. I’m not exactly feeling like an engineer today but at least I’m getting things done. And will hopefully have beautiful data to show for it…  Running-wise, things are looking up. I had a pretty low-mileage first week in September due to a mild calf strain caused by having a little too much fun doing 1k repeats, but have jumped back to my normal (~20 mpw) mileage during the last couple weeks. I’m focusing on steadier efforts again and avoiding speed work, since I am apparently unable to reign in my enthusiasm during workouts. Let’s hope a solid diet of steady miles will strengthen my muscles/tendons/ligaments/bones and allow me to gradually increase my running volume…and eventually get back to the speed and have a real competitive season again! Maybe some Spring track this coming Spring? It’s been far too long…and thus the over-enthusiastic approach to workouts.

 Oh, and my MountainMan is finally in town with me! This is seriously interfering with my IT band PT regimen since I’m no longer bored/lonely out of my mind every evening after work, but is otherwise totally fabulous. I think things will settle down a bit once we both get over the excitement of being back to being around each other and we’ll both have time to focus on our respective hobbies/to-do lists. Right now I’m quite content to do the minimum to stay out of IT band trouble while soaking in MM’s long-awaited company.



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