First week of Fall

I’m currently doing my post-run stretching while watching MM & my dog basically grass snorkeling through the overgrown yard in search of chipmunks. No luck so far, but he did find a deer bone. Yummy!  

This week was great in terms of training. I ran a marathon’s worth of miles, a good amount compared to recent weeks, and put in 123 miles on my bike – my highest week by about 13 miles! Everything feels pretty decent and it was fun to get two highs – highest mileage in 1 ride and highest weekly bike mileage. That’s one benefit of the bike – I haven’t PR’d for speed or distance running in a discouragingly long time, but I can still push my limits on my trusty Centurion.


Good bike 🙂

Today’s run was a bit nostalgic – something about Fall makes me long for home and for the past. For my childhood yard filled with frost-chilled apples and grapes, for chilly afternoons inside with my mom and sister and zucchini bread baking in the oven, for Autumn walks in the cold evenings with my parents, and for the old cross-country running days…


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