September training

This month flew by!

Training was actually really solid after one really low running week (9 miles due to irritated calf), letting me reach almost the same mileage (-2 miles) as last month. Perhaps there is hope for some consistent running base training this Fall!

Cycling went brilliantly – no actual workouts since I’ve taken (running) racing off the calendar for a bit, but really solid mileage thanks to decent end-of-summer weather and my awesome riding buddies. I’m savoring the beautiful Autumn outings both on foot and wheel, and hoping I can continue to explore the roads and trails as the seasons change into winter. Here’s to staying smart, consistent, and motivated as the days grow colder and darker.

This month’s totals:

86 glorious running miles (hurrah for cooler Fall temps and beautiful Autumn scenery!) and 317 bike miles (ditto!). Liking the way these trend lines are going 😉



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