31 miles!!!

It’s been almost a year since I ran more than 30 miles, which means 30 miles feels HARD. But oh man does it feel like an accomplishment to pen that total into my running log!* I also ran a little over 8 miles, which I haven’t done since late December. So glad I got back to a full hour run before an entire year had elapsed!

I’ve been slacking on the biking because it is COLD in the mornings now, so bike commuting is less appealing. Yea, I’m a bit of a wimp…but running is just so much more appealing than freezing my digits off on the bike in this late-Autumn weather. Hopefully the snow will start flying soon and I can switch to nordic skiing for my main cross-training activity (less wind chill than the bike!) and bump back up to about an hour a day of exercise again.

Here’s to rolling, stretching, cross-training, and doing all my *delightful* rehab exercises in order to keep up this fun 30-mile-a-week thing!



2 thoughts on “31 miles!!!

  1. Went for a 45-mile bike ride this past Saturday and my toes were frozen after the first 20 miles or so. Even after the sun came out the air was still pretty chilled, and it took a long shower + a hoodie and sweats + curling up under the bed covers for a solid 30 minutes before the feeling started coming back.

    I’ve been loving cycling these last few months but as the weather gets colder I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it :/

    • Shoot, yea I think the higher dependency on decent weather over running is my least favorite part of cycling. Cold and precipitation suck a lot of the fun out 😦

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