Bike season is coasting to a halt…

Today I rode what may, according to the weather forecast, be my last ride in shorts til Spring, when the warm weather re-emerges. My poor legs may not see the sun again until May or so…


Shorts! 54 degrees but with snow predicted for tonight…

The weather has suddenly flipped, bringing extremely chilly mornings and slightly less chilly, but frequently drizzly, afternoons. I’ve been reluctant to spend 15 minutes bundling and unbundling with winter riding gear (shoe covers, tights, gloves, hat,etc.) for the 15 minute ride to and from work, so haven’t been commuting via bike the last 2 weeks. Luckily I still had group rides to get me out the door, but those rides have been getting much shorter with the reduced daylight hours and our final group ride this past week was cancelled due to freezing rain/snow. Even my final ride today was short in order to fit it into the brief warm period of the afternoon**.

I’m a bit sad to find my riding miles taking such a nosedive, but am also excited for winter sports to start up – here come xc skiing, snow-shoeing, hike-up skiing, and snowball fight runs if I can lure MountainMan out onto the field of battle 😉

Any other fun winter sport suggestions/winter coping mechanisms from my fellow runners/cyclists out there?


Sub-optimal biking weather 😛

** Pros of forced short rides: I PR’d today on a steep little climb segment due to the fresh legs and short effort. Our last few group rides have been short but steep as well, since getting in some steep, leg-burning bits makes the shorter rides feel much more worthwhile 🙂


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