Running thoughts

Some running thoughts as I drink my hot cocoa and think about getting up the motivation to climb the several sets of stairs required to shower and go to bed:
1) It’s much easier to be happy about cross-training when the ground is coated in ice and snow and good running form and speed are nearly impossible anyhow.

2) Nordic skiing may actually whip my feet/ankles/lower legs into shape. 2 miles onSunday and my muscles were screaming. 

3) All this snow is great for my core. I did core today and realized those muscles were already fatigued from yesterday’s ski and today’s snowy run. All the stabilization!

My latest running log entry expresses my thoughts about the last bit of training and my goals for the month very nicely (or, at least, nicely enough that I’d rather not re-type it):

I will admit that it is much easier to be positive now that my calf is feeling normal more often than not and I have the addition of the snowy, icy weather to make cross-training seem almost more worthwhile than slipping my way through a slow, shuffling run. 

Creating a daily checklist in my training log, which allows some flexibility (e.g. subbing in a bike or ski session for a run), has helped maintain my positive attitude while also allowing me to feel like a dedicated athlete by obsessively check things off a list. Win-win 😛



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