Trip to grad-land

MountainMan and I recently journeyed back to the Land of Grad School to hang out with the Bunhead sister and attend one of her awesome performances.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about what the trip would bring. I’ve been trying to not dwell on the parts of life that didn’t go so well during grad school, and was worried the trip back to my familiar haunts would bring back unpleasant emotions and negative thoughts about the way my initial hopes and goals had crumbled with each semester.

However, the trip back actually went much better than expected – we had decent weather on the drive, got to see almost all of our grad town friends (woohoo!), MM said two whole positive things about grad town (I seriously have never heard anything positive about that place come out of his mouth til this trip!), and I only had one grad-school related nightmare while there.

Perhaps most important, and greatly overshadowing any strange grad town emotions that I had to face, I was finally able to be in physical proximity to one of my friends who’s going through an excruciatingly rough time, and got to give her several much needed hugs and spend some time talking in person rather than merely over text/phone. Her emotional support kept me afloat during many rough weeks, and I was glad to be able to give some support back during what are unfortunately much rougher weeks.

This quick weekend trip made me so thankful for the many wonderful people that I befriended during my grad school time. Although there were some gut wrenching times during those five semesters, the remaining patches of darkness in the back of my mind are far outweighed by the opportunities for friendship that the brighter days of those semesters provided. The darkness could only last so long, and, hopefully, these friendships will continue for many more years.





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