Made it to the break!

I am sooooo ready for this four day weekend! After a few low-key weeks at work I’ve been abruptly swamped with visiting collaborators, science fair judging, data to analyze, code to write to do the analysis, patients to enroll in studies, a 3-hour-surgery-viewing-turned-6-hour-surgery-viewing (AMAZING, but also severely dehydrating/ache-inducing), cadaver specimen scanning to be done, and literature to pull together into a summary to help with a (hopefully successful!) proposal. I am definitely not bored anymore!

The sudden burst of work, plus holiday social events, trying to stay on top of working out, and putting in the extra time to hand-make quite a few Christmas presents, means I’ve been sacrificing sleep and turning into a sugar-and-coffee fueled, slightly grumpy version of myself. I found myself trying not to nod off while hand sewing the hem of a hat last night at almost 12am and then had to pop out of bed at 6am to get ready to XC ski this evening. I’ve pulled that schedule all week due to attempting to fit in cooking dinner, sticking to my hour/day of x-training or running, working on gifts every evening, and it’s starting to wear me down. Some people thrive on this kind of schedule but I was definitely getting a bit groggy while trying to turn some pseudo-code into actual working code this afternoon, even with a couple cups of coffee in my system.

However, I made it though the day (and almost through that dang Matlab script) and am now officially on Christmas break! I get tomorrow and Christmas day off plus the weekend, so I’ll have time to both catch up on sleep and do some stuff outdoors – during sunlit hours even!

I’m also really looking forward to some relaxed days spent hanging out with MountainMan and heading out on adventures together during this long weekend. I have friends and family that are still in grieving this season for loved ones that won’t be around this Christmas, so I am acutely aware of the blessing that I’ve been allowed in getting to spend these holiday days with MountainMan and share them with family, albeit long-distance.

Happy holidays to all of my blog-friends – may you all have time to get together with your favorite people and catch a few rays of sunshine in spite of the short days.


I need some of this!




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