2016 fitness/athletics goals

I’m currently laying about with a *lovely* head full of snot, so instead of getting out for a sunny run or ski today I instead spent that time wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea, my new training log, and my fine-tip markers.

After the injury spree of 2015 I didn’t want to focus on race/time goals. Doing so just seems to be asking for trouble. If I make it injury-free into late Spring/Summer and have actually built a decent base I’ll likely come up with some short-term goal races and start doing workouts. I love training hard and racing, but I need some really healthy base mileage behind me before I start trying to make ambitious, long-term goals with any sort of confidence in my feet/legs holding up enough to achieve them.

However, even with times and races ruled out for year-long goals, I still came up with 3 athletic goals (including 1 running goal, woohoo!) for 2016. These goals should keep me cross-training, since they focus on different sports. In addition, my 2016 goals are all more experience-focused than performance focused, with the intent of pushing me out of my comfort zone no matter the performance outcome. Hopefully this strategy will lead to increased strength and some exciting ski, bike, and run adventures!


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