Training update

I need a little break from reading my new awesome but slightly brain-melting-for-my-non-MD-mind find, The Online Musculoskeletal Radiology Book , so here’s a quick training update!
In spite of several packed 10-11 hour work days early in the week I’ve actually managed to stay on track with training every day, mainly through the principal of ‘ugh, it will be even worse to have to do this tomorrow, so just bust it out now’. This motivating thought resulted in an intense 30-minute circuit session while dinner baked on Monday (hurrah for dinners that bake for exactly the duration of my goal workout!), a post-work run on Tuesday in the dark and ice while waiting for MM to swing by and pick me up on his way to the grocery store (ran into my PI on my frozen return to the lab to grab my stuff and got to hear a delightful tale of ice-induced clavicle fractures…extra grateful for my ice cleats now!), a drive to the ski course on Weds that included nerve-wracking tractor/snow-plow dodging, and a tough double yesterday – a run commute to work + 8x400m repeats on a hilly section of the Nordic ski course in the afternoon. My legs are paying for yesterday’s double this morning, but will hopefully loosen up for tonight’s workout – a combo of easy spinning on the indoor trainer and strength work. Once I make it through this weekend’s planned ski and run workouts I’ll ease up for a couple days before Wednesday’s scheduled skate ski race*.

Lessons learned:
1) That feeling of blahs and exhaustion after a tough day actually lessens somewhat once the workout starts (Admittedly not personally tested on anything over 13 hours because the one time I was on campus for 14 hours in grad school I was definitely NOT down for running after). This ‘you’ll feel better after doing even MORE exhausting stuff!’ notion seems especially counterintuitive while melted onto the bed at 7:30pm on top of the workout clothes one is supposed to be changing into, but it does actually work! Until about 30-min post-workout when your body realizes what you just did to it.
2) Just go do the workout, even if the conditions are less than ideal. The time/energy required to rearrange my workout schedule was just not there this week, so I went out even in colder/nastier conditions than usual for skiing, and squeezed my runs into the most efficient time-slots (the commute to work and the space after work while MM was doing his usual shower/dog walk/snack routine at home prior to our grocery store adventure), even if that meant packing a camel’s back pack full of work clothes one day and doing a gazillion laps around the ski resort village while dodging tipsy tourists on the other.

Hopefully I’ll be able to apply these lessons through next week’s predicted colder/nastier weather*!

*It’s supposed to be between -2°F low/18°F high on Weds, with snow likely. This is sounding like super unappealing race weather at the moment. My hands may actually freeze to my ski poles :-S


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