Training and the dreaded colds

Well, things did not go quite as planned this week. I caught the nasty cold that has been going around, and as a result spent several evenings dragging a snot-filled head through hand-sanitizer filled days at work and then falling asleep midway through my attempt to change into workout clothes after arriving home. Work and exercise both suffered as my motivation dissolved into a haze of sniffles and sneezes.

Luckily, I started feeling better around Friday so actually got to get out for some decent running and skiing this weekend. Saturday involved a run over to the local sports bar to watch the Olympic marathon trials (two intense races!) and I spent yesterday skiing and running under cloudy skies before the following snowstorm made its appearance.

The cold resulted in far less skiing than I had intended, but I still got in a couple skate ski adventures and 20 miles of enjoyable running thanks to some short stuff at the beginning of the week and my return to health before the arrival of the weekend. Everything other than my sniffly nose felt good apart from general tiredness and my legs handled two longer (>5 miles, longish runs at this point in my fitness) weekend runs really well. I’m enjoying the ability to run 5 miles, even at a faster-than-easy-run pace, and not feel like I’ve completed some sort of epic, exhausting journey at the end.

Speaking of the legs holding up, I decided to see how my work on calf/hamstring/hip flexor flexibility has been going. Since I have today off of work, I took some time to retest my Functional Movement Screening functionality (discussed in a previous post here). I did much better on the active straight leg raise, which means my hamstring stretches have been paying off! My other weak spot, the squat with overhead dowel press, is just barely better, but at least it looks like I’m improving. I need to continue working on shoulder/back/hip/calf flexibility for that one – so many things to stretch!

Hopefully I can avoid a 3rd round of winter cold-catching and keep motivated to pay attention to the flexibility and strength work that will (I hope!) keep me running happily into Spring.


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