Sunny days/false Spring 

With a brief burst of Spring-like weather last week’s training was arranged to maximize my enjoyment of the steady sunshine. I ran under the smooth cloudless sky during a Friday commute-run that included a brief detour over a sparkling, snow-crusted soccer field, enjoyed a Saturday session of outdoor drills on the artificial turf and arm/core-focused yoga on the patch of sun-warmed carpet beneath our living room window, and glided through a Sunday long run with my pale legs and arms both happily exposed to the afternoon sun for over 7 miles. 
These sunny miles completed a decent 77 mile month, with long runs reaching back up into hour-plus territory and paces dropping down with the improving road conditions. I’m still reigning myself in and staying dedicated to very gradual mileage increases and consistent cross-training, but I’m allowing myself some spring race dreaming and some Flotrack Workout Wednesday video viewing (a potentially dangerously inspiring endeavor) on trainer rides.

Today’s weather has turned back to winter, with strong winds and gray clouds weighed down with potential snowflakes, but that glimpse of Spring was hopeful enough to motivate another round of pushing through the late-winter cold and grey*.

*full disclosure, I’m still going to be a little jealous of all the folks headed to the double conference of AAOS and ORS this week in the warm, sunny state of Florida. Ortho awesomeness combined with high temps in the low 80’s sounds super appealing this time of year. The slightly frivolous lure of warm weather conferences may just be my new winter research motivation…


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