Still doing this training thing!

I just realized I finally hit 6 uninterrupted weeks of running 20+ miles/week! Hurrah!

I nearly fell off the streak this week with a cranky foot, but fortunately the rapid application of 2 days of cross-training got my foot settled down and I was able to enjoy a nice pair of weekend runs pain-free.


(Pain-free, but not quite rain-free)

The weather this week behaved for the most part, allowing me get out for a a few outdoor rides in addition to the runs. Cycling through the wind and over the hills made me realize just how wimpy my bike trainer rides are compared to outdoor rides – I actually skipped leg weights/circuits this week because my legs were so heavy from the shift to outdoor riding.

On an encouraging note, I went out for a 20-mile ride today and it felt much easier than the first few 20 mile rides last Spring, so I think the trainer did help me hold on to some bike-specific endurance over the winter. I guess all that mindless spinning while watching Netflix was worthwhile!


Next week I’m aiming for another 20-mile week on the running side, with a bit less biking since I’ll be spending some time in the Big City over the weekend around running a 5k cross-country race with Fish. Can’t wait to throw on our super-official ‘team’ uniforms (matching pink shorts and yellow tops, wootwoot) and racing flats for some xc fun!


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