The best laid plans…and weather

So, as I mentioned a while back my friend and I were planning to meet up in the Big City to do a (slightly unseasonal) Spring xc race. We had matching ‘uniforms’ planned, had packed our spikes and flats, and were ready to take on whatever the course threw at us. Based on the week-out weather forecast we’d packed everything from sunscreen and tank tops (in case the 80 degree temps stayed around) to long tights and wool socks (in case the incoming storms brought rain and cold temps).

Turns out there was one thing we couldn’t prepare for – a cancelled race due to a severe winter (shouldn’t that be a Spring storm at this point??) storm warning and up to 18″ of predicted snow.


What the heck Denver?!?

We received our cancellation emails the day before our planned arrival, and proceeded to lament back and forth via text. Stupid weather! Dang course conditions! Bahhhh! We considered canceling our weekend altogether, but decided to forge ahead on the promise of some horrifically chilly/snowy, but social, runs and more indoors-focused adventures together. I prepped my car for the potentially blizzard-filled drive and she crossed her fingers for non-grounded flights.

Thankfully, we both made it safe and sound to the (at the time rainy going on snowy) Big City and checked into our cozy airBNB. The host commended us for our totally ridiculous morning run plans and gave us a map to a local lake loop that would hopefully not be flooded by morning. We climbed into bed and dreamt of lovely runs on the trails under lightly falling snow.

We woke up to half-frozen slush blowing sideways.

Still, on went the tights, long-sleeves, vests, hats, and gloves, and out we went.


You can’t see the massive waves and sideways sleet here, but I promise they were there 😛

Our 50 minutes actually flew by in spite of the chill and occasional periods of running blindly into the sleet-filled headwind – it’s lovely how a good running buddy can make the time fly by!

We grabbed coffee and spent the rest of the day in the warmth of the local museums, and then prepared to preheat the cycle on Sunday. Our Sunday run was a bit of a sad substitute for the scheduled race, but much prettier than Saturday’s since actual fluffy white snow had fallen everywhere:



The proper recovery drink for a frigid, soggy run

We finished the weekend up with more downtown and cultural exploring, and then went our separate ways. Although I was bummed to be left with clean spikes and an un-used race number, I was grateful for the rare chance to spend some real-life runs with my long-distance running buddy and to explore some new (albeit very sloppy) routes.


Anyone else dealing with crazy Spring weather and/or race cancellations?


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