Accidentally turned myself into a human raisin

I’m alive! And I’m even feeling well enough to eat an obnoxious amount of potatoes with onions, bacon, and gravy.

I was not entirely sure this would be the case when I went to bed last night. At the time my head was still pounding viciously and I was experiencing waves of nausea that I feared would worsen to full on vomiting overnight. Luckily sleep is magical and I have awoken cured! *insert much dancing and joy*
My disastrous evening was a very unpleasant reminder of the importance of hydration, even when running in the cold/rain/snow. Here’s the steps to take if you also want to enjoy  several hours forcing down liquids while trying not to cry and/or puke:
1) Don’t drink anything all day until an hour before your run. I had maybe 1 cup of coffee with breakfast and then forgot to drink anything until 1pm. Oops…
2) Pack water on your run but barely sip it because it’s cold out, and you don’t feel that thirsty. Also, don’t drink at all the last 4 miles because it’s downhill. 

(You can’t really tell, but it was snowing when I took this shot)
3) Make sure you pick a super gnarly long run route and then be sure to run it under time pressure because you left your spouse on the side of some dirt road in the sagebrush so he/she could get some hiking in and are expected to pick them up at a set time that assumed running far fewer hills. I think the stress, and added pressure to not stop for water  really helps.

4) Drive around for an hour afterwards. Try to avoid drinking because you are very tired and digging your water bottle out from between the car seats is hard. 

5) Congrats, you should now be feeling super un-awesome! If you just can’t handle it, reading Lab Girl by Hope Jahren is a wonderfully helpful distraction from the agony. Also, try drinking copious amounts of warm decaf tea – this won’t help immediately but the hydration will kick in eventually.

6) If this particular adventure turns out to not be for you, luckily fluids, a warm shower, and sleep should usually bring you back to normal. And you’ll now be much more conscious of how to avoid turning into a sad, shriveled human prune.


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