I love plotting things (run-nerdyness alert)


I love plotting things. Even in Excel (*gasp*). Today I had some free time and some running-related thoughts clattering around in my head so decided to take a look at whether my recent impressions of my training and comparisons to the last few years actually matched the data.

I think I’ve mentioned before that Strava doesn’t really have a nice way of visualizing multiple years/months for comparison, so I often end up grabbing the data from the site and visualizing it elsewhere. I threw this together in Excel and PowerPoint (fun times…) based on what I’d previously copied into my running log from Strava.

A few things I noticed that I hadn’t realized just looking at the numbers:

  • Last year was a lower mileage year than I had thought. I had known it would be pretty low with the calf and IT band injuries and the resulting switch to more biking/cross-training, but hadn’t realized it was such a dip from 2014.
  • This year is actually starting off comparably well. I’ve been feeling out of shape and getting a bit frustrated when comparing my race results and training to what I did in 2014, but looking at this plot reminded me that a) I spent most of 2015 building back from or taking time off due to injury, which means minimal base going into this year, and b) this winter wasn’t exactly high-mileage either – I just got up to more than 3 miles/day average in the last few months.
  • Winters suck. I think I get over-enthusiastic in the Fall because it’s finally cool out and the leaves are gorgeous, and then I overdo it and get hurt. Upside – less slogging through snow/ice! Still, I’d like to break that trend this year…
  • Long runs have a huge impact when I’m doing such low mileage. My highest months have been months where I kept most of my other runs the same but did one really big (>30% weekly mileage) run (October 2014, April 2016). Also, I need to *not* accidentally do 9 – 14 mile runs when all my other runs have maxed out at several miles less (oops!).

Enough run-geekery for now! Now time to get off the laptop and spend more time on my *favorite* hip/core strength exercises, calf rolling, cross-training, and recovery work so that hopefully I can keep that trendline positively sloped 🙂


4 thoughts on “I love plotting things (run-nerdyness alert)

    • Hm…I did actually get a Garmin watch finally so I may have to check that out since I had to set up an account anyhow. I feel like you posted the link in s comment a while back…will dig up & repost if that’s the case 🙂

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