August training


August brought with it 220 km (137 miles) of road and trail fun, 2 little injury scares that luckily settled down with a few days rest, and 1 sort-of season’s best for the 10k on the trails. Not a bad month overall!

Going into September, I’ve decided to focus more on injury prevention again. Some of the injury scares this past month stemmed from over enthusiasm and a feeling of invincibility since running was going so smoothly for the first half of the month (40 mile weeks, wootwoot!) After dealing with a couple lower weeks due to a glute cramp thing and a little Achilles trouble, I’ve decided to limit myself to 30-35 miles/week for a while instead of trying to continue building my mileage.

In addition, I’ve dusted off my post-run core/leg strength and mobility routine worksheets and will be including those in place of those extra 5-10 miles that I might otherwise be pushing myself to run.

Hopefully I will be able to get into a strong habit of doing either mobility, core, or strength post-run over the course of September. To begin, I plan to follow my first cross-country race of the season tomorrow with a strength and mobility set! The idea is that if I can stick with it in my post-race haze of exhaustion, I can stick with it after workout and easy days.

Here’s to a stronger, more athletic September and hopefully some fast, fun races over the next couple months!


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