Today is not a good day

I don’t generally enjoy discussing politics but I need to say something today. 
I woke up this morning at 5:30am, confirmed the news, and spent the next half hour trying to get ready for work with tears streaming down my face. 
I have friends who fall into each of the categories that Trump and his supporters have spewed hate and contempt for, and my heart aches for them. And yes, the fact that a flawed, but extremely intelligent, capable, evolving, and experienced woman lost to a man with zero experience or qualities for the role due to racism, xenophobia, and sexism makes me furious. 
I am grateful for my friends who have posted and blogged and tweeted brilliantly eloquent and passionate statements on their plans to stand up to hate, and I am grateful for all those around me who I see reaching out with love to those most hurt by this election and its results. 
Please know, if you are hurting or scared, that there are people who will stand for you, and who love you, and who will continue to fight for you. 


3 thoughts on “Today is not a good day

  1. I cried for about an hour this morning when I crawled out of bed at 4 am hoping for some good news. Completely honestly I have never been this scared in my life, but I’m hoping sanity and the general goodness of people will prevail. Much love to you and everyone today.

    • Such an awful way to wake up 😦 So sorry/angry that you have to be scared today – lots of virtual hugs & love. Hope you are able to be around friends today. I’ve been texting my sister basically non-stop & it’s helped so much.

      • Thank you – I’m glad you’ve got your sister! I’m stuck at work and feeling quite isolated so it’s been nice when I’ve got to reach out to people electronically! I appreciate it 🙂

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