End-of-(running)year thoughts

I’ve been seeing lots of good-riddance-2016-oh-no-please-not-2017 post lately and thought I’d join in. Although this particular one is going to be less of a ‘prolonged internal screaming’ post because it’s going to focus on running, rather than the complete shitshow going on every time I pick up my phone or turn on the radio. In part because thinking about running doesn’t contribute to the constant tension headache and mild anxious nausea I’ve had going for the last week. Yayyyy 😐


2016 was actually a solid year in terms of running. I finally busted over the 3-miles-per-day-average bump that I’d been pushing against and falling short of due to injury the last two years, and I made up for all the lost racing time by cramming in 16 races over the spring, summer, and fall. I’ve spent the last few weeks either off or running very easy, and spending a good amount of time enjoying other activities like cross-country skiing, yoga, and strength training.


My training over the last 3 years as average running miles/day. Can you tell this month is a rest/recovery month?

Now I’m letting myself ease back into the mileage and back into dreaming.

My main goal is to hit a 4% improvement in the 5k, which would get me under 19 minutes with altitude conversion. This would set me back into the 18:something’s, and would make an actual PR seem within range after a long 7-year 5k-PR dry spell. I’m vacillating between hope and thinking that sub-19 sounds absolutely ludicrous, but at least the journey in the attempt should be fun whether I get there or not!

Along the way I’m hoping to hop in a few spring track races for the first time since undergrad (if I do anything shorter than 5k everyone will get a good laugh…), check out the much-storied BolderBoulder 10k, have even more fun on the trails than last summer and explore some new routes, maybe get in another half marathon, and get back out on the XC courses with a few more fast miles in my legs than this year.


But first – some steady winter miles and plenty of winter-sport cross training!



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