About me…the run-nerd side :)

A little background – I’ve been running since 4th grade or so and, over the years, I went from being in a love-hate relationship with running my guts out to being in a love-love relationship (minus the whole getting up early on race mornings…).  I ran xc and track in high school (mile and two mile, wohoo!) and then had the amazing opportunity to run for a Division I team for 5 years while getting my undergrad degree.  I’m currently figuring out how the heck to train and race on my own (I miss my team!) and am fighting for a comeback after some injuries and a bout of mono.

Why I blog (about running):  I started reading other people’s awesome running blogs when starting out as a team-less “retired” post-collegiate runner.  The inspiration and virtual camaraderie were invaluable!  I’m hoping some other struggling runners will get a little boost from my random musings on running 🙂


Favorite race: 5k!  Although the mile, 10k, and half marathon are all tied for a close 2nd 😉



mile/3k: 5:19/10:29

5k: 18:03

10k: 39:25

half-marathon: 1:41:49


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