June training

I wrapped up my June training this past week with a refreshing stint of reverse-altitude training in the form of a vacation to the Oregon coast. The drop in altitude and change in scenery helped me maintain steady training through a fairly sleep-deprived week and I ended up enjoying an unexpectedly smooth 10-miler as my final run of the month, gliding along a sunlit, blackberry-lined gravel-road route in the salty coastal air. Unlike my last run of that distance, my legs felt strong all the way through the last few miles.


Reservoir at the inland turnaround point of my run

Based on that run and my last few weeks’ mileage I knew I was having a strong month, but definitely didn’t expect what I saw on opening Strava today to look at my total June mileage:

224 km (139 miles) – my highest month since starting to use Strava in January 2014 by ~30k (14 miles) and my highest since the Spring 2014 mono and toe injury!!! ***throws self a small approaching-a-respectable-10k-training-mileage-level party***

I know mileage isn’t that meaningful by itself and isn’t the end goal, but realizing that I had just spent a month at a higher volume than any month since that awful winter of mono and Spring foot-injury, while feeling strong and physically solid, was a thrill! Hopefully I’ll be able to gradually build on this return to pre-injury volume, allowing me to enjoy some stronger races and more adventurous long runs in the late Summer and Fall.

I freaking *love* running – so grateful it’s currently loving me back!