Slowing down

A recent run with my running buddy made me realize that maybe if I don’t want to keep getting hurt, I need to slow the heck down. Instead of doing my ‘easy’ runs at 7:30 pace, I should be doing them around 8:30 pace to let my legs recover and prevent unnecessary strain on my calves, feet, etc. on my recovery days.

Luckily, with my recent move to an elevation of 8500+ feet, anything faster than 8:30 pace feels like death, and the breathtaking (ha ha) scenery forces me to slow down and enjoy the view.


So far (3 short runs) my calf and foot have both been feeling better than they did a few weeks ago when I tried to come back by running my normal, up-tempo “recovery” pace. I’m planning to utilize my GPS to check my pace and keep it smart and controlled as I gradually build up my mileage.