I’m still working my way back into shape after the 1/2 marathon, and am fighting myself when it comes to patience. Although I know a gradual, easy return to running is the logical, ‘safe’ thing to do, I keep finding myself reluctant to turn around on the beautiful trails, and keep having cross-country dreams at night – workouts, bus rides, races, all woven into strange and bitter-sweet memories upon waking. My mind keeps wandering to springtime, and the hopes of lacing up my spikes for the first time in 2 years.

I long to write workout plans, start speed work, and get out for some 10-milers. But to do that, first I must wait, and ration, and pull back on the reins. The work of returning to running requires its own form of endurance – that of careful, controlled, regimented patience. So for now, I will endure – I will write my cautious weeks of low mileage down in my running log. I will ice and roll out my foot. I will avoid being an idiot and wildly sprinting up the absolutely gorgeous mountains. And, God willing, I will be back on the track in quarter inch spikes and full-on race mode 5 months!


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